• 8^3 LED Cube

    The 8^3 LED Cube is a prototype LED Cube for which I designed PCB’s to connect the LED’s with one another and with the controller.

  • CreativeMind

    After the success of the Musical Mind The Creative Technology group asked to design and make a new, portable version of this installation that could be used for promoting the Creative Technology bachelor study.

  • Resona

    The Resona is a musical installation I made together with Robert Blaauboer, it plays a note when tapping on one of the tiles. Because it is connected with the Mind of CreaTe, it also also part of a larger network of interactive installations that enable interactions other than only between one particular installation and the user but …

  • The Mind of CreaTe

    The Mind of CreaTe facilitates a network of interactive CreaTe projects and provides different ways to interact and visualize this network. With a custom made library for the Arduino board, students can (relatively easy) make their projects compatible with The Mind of CreaTe and make their work accessible for a larger audience. The network is …